Why Industrial IoT?

IoT and Industrial IoT are the phrases to use at the moment.  Everybody has an opinion and wants to get in on the action and so do I.

But the real question is: What is the value of IoT or IIoT?

To answer that lets separate out IoT from Industrial IoT with my definitions.

  • IoT is the consumer form in which any type of connected device is part of the Internet of Things. Smart TV’s, Cell Phones, Fridges, etc.  The use of those connections to the Internet is typically driven by the consumer.
  • IIoT is the enterprise form in which there is very specific information (data) that flows from the device back to a device cloud for measuring performance, efficiency, anticipating maintenance needs, adjusting settings, remote operations, etc.

It is the IIoT that has my interest since that is the area where there are lots of opportunities to create new business (service) models in which customer satisfaction and retention as well as turning service into a profit and sales center are on the forefront.

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