Reverse Logistics Association (RLA) and Encompass

Two comments about the RLA seminar in Duluth this Wednesday (June 13, 2017).

First the Reverse Logistics Association has turned itself around now that Tony Sciarotta has taken over RLA and is doing all the right things to bring it back as a vibrant well run organization.   The seminar in Duluth was a great example.  I now know that I made a mistake in February by not attending the Las Vegas RLA convention.  My recommendation is for previous members and attendees to forget the experiences from the last couple of years and link up with Tony to have a chat about the NEW RLA.

RLA website

Second the depot tour hosted by Encompass was well-organized and very informative and dove-tailed well with the topics of the day during the seminar.  My thanks to Encompass for opening up their doors to us.

Encompass website

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