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Are you working hard trying to grow your business and at the same time getting distracted by computer and software issues?  Your systems should be running smoothly, not taking your valuable business time.  How to stay ahead of viruses, ransomware, backups, software upgrades or pick the right software for your business are all items that require expertise.

Read the articles below about small business risks:
How much ransomware costs small businesses from CNN Money:  Ransomware Article
How viruses are now targeting small businesses from CBNC:  New wave of viruses targeting small Businesses


It is not all gloom and doom since there are steps to that can be taken to protect yourself and your business.  Nor do you have to spend your weekends and evening hours do that.  Concise Advice has the services you need.  Small Business Computer Services

Use Concise Advice for your peace of mind. 

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