But hackers figure passwords out all the time!

We all have many passwords to manage for banks, credit cards, email accounts, club memberships, cell phones, cable tv, stores, software applications, work, wifi and many more.

It is not uncommon to have 300+ different username/password combinations.  How do you manage all that?

Do you use duplicate passwords, use short and simple passwords, write them down on post-it notes or use a spreadsheet?

The most common passwords used which are very easy to hack using “social engineering” are things like birthdays, anniversaries, kid and pet names, etc.

Start using a reputable password manager with 256-bit encryption that runs on your PC as well as your mobile devices.  Let this password manager generate the passwords for you and use a minimum length of 12 characters.  Avoid using your email address as the username if that is allowed.

About those security questions, only use false/fake information.   If answering where you went to school just put in “The Planet Pluto.”  Most of the standard questions are easy to figure via “social engineering.”

Contact me dick@concise-advice.net if you want to chat a little about password managers.

Some articles to read are:  Passwords for Dummies and The Big Mistakes

Note:  Social Engineering is the process of using your public available information (facebook, twitter, etc.) to figure out parent names, kid names, birthdays, anniversaries, hobbies, clubs, etc.

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