Cyber Security - Hacker reaching out to grab your assets

"It won't happen to me" is not a strategy

Small business owners underestimate how vulnerable they are to security issues. Research is showing again and again that everybody is facing some security threats from malware to phishing to ransomware.  Attackers can come from anywhere and use any source of information.  Once your business is successfully attacked, earning back your customer trust is often too costly for small businesses.

The problem is that the small business owner’s core competency typically does not include Information Technology (IT) skills and, even if he/she had the ability in the past, keeping up with the fast-changing IT landscape, tools and security issues is virtually impossible if you want to grow your business.

If security is not your strong suit, outsource this crucial task to an expert. Not only does this reduce the hours spent on IT management and it also reduces the risk that something will go awry. Small business owners should be wary about mismanaging internal and customer related information.

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