How to avoid a divorce.

How many of you have hundreds or thousands of electronic pictures and videos on your PCs, tablets, and phones?  Did you know that 6 out of 10 people have lost priceless, irreplaceable mementos?

I am not sure that losing them has led to divorce , but I am pretty sure that it has led to blaming others, guilt, and fights.

For most of us, the pictures are spread around on phones, PCs, tablets and in different apps, which makes it difficult to protect them.  Consolidation to a central place/repository is a mechanism to help control your digital life.

Luckily there are “FREE” and straightforward solutions to safeguard your collection of photographs.  Look into Amazon Photos, Google Photos, Apple Photos, and other cloud storage providers like Dropbox.  Each has their own rules and regulations, but all protect your pictures and videos in the cloud and provide safety, access everywhere and sharing options with family and friends.  Amazon Photos has free unlimited photos but only if you are an Amazon Prime member.  Google Photos and others have a level of storage for free after that you start paying for the additional space used.

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