A good Referral for me is

A Good Referral for you is...

We all joined RGA to help each other build and run our businesses.

To that point, Concise Advice is building an RGA referral database to identify immediately RGA member businesses and the services they offer.

Your business gets a referral, exposure and, hopefully, a new customer while we have been able to assist our customer or prospect with a quality referral.

A Good Referral for me is...

Good referrals for Concise Advice are small businesses that want to concentrate on building and running their business NOT working on their computers, software and website.

Technology is changing faster and faster. We can secure the prospect’s computers, install/configure and upgrade software, provide website support as well as backup rotation and much more.

Online Scheduling Concise Advice is now available

The Book Now link is on the Contact page as well as on all Post pages. Schedule a call with me if you want to find out how you also can use BOOK NOW for free and embed it on a website, WordPress site, and social media pages.  

Business Impact by Meltdown and Spectre

What is the impact of Spectre and Meltdown? Let's talk what Spectre and Meltdown impact.  I assume that you have all heard the turmoil that these bugs (design flaws) in CPU's from Intel, AMD and those based on the ARM framework has caused in the Information Technology...

Cyber Security is Everybody’s Problem

Small business owners underestimate how vulnerable they are to security issues. Research is showing again and again that everybody is facing some security threats from malware to phishing to ransomware.  Attackers can come from anywhere and use any source of...

Passwords are hard to remember

We all have many passwords to manage for banks, credit cards, email accounts, club memberships, cell phones, cable tv, stores, software applications, work, wifi and many more. It is not uncommon to have 300+ different username/password combinations.  How...

Announcing Small Business Computer Services

Are you working hard trying to grow your business and at the same time getting distracted by computer and software issues?  Your systems should be running smoothly, not taking your valuable business time.  How to stay ahead of viruses, ransomware, backups, software...

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